Jeans For Short Women

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Jeans For Short Women

Short women always find it hard very hard for themselves to find jeans which not only look good on them but also fit them perfectly. Although there are many brands in the market that sell jeans for short women still they are either longer than their actual size or they would be too large from the waist.  


Short women basically fall in to two categories, the one who are below the height of 5’4 and those who are longer than 5’4 but have a very small physic. Both the kind goes through a lot of mental torture while looking for a pair of jeans for themselves.  


Just remember always pick the jeans for short women does not only look good on you but it should be very comfortable to wear, because maybe you think that people don’t notice an uncomfortable jeans but in reality they do and they get a very weird expression about you.  


Petite women who have large hips should choose straight legs and trousers. They should avoid wearing flare styles and baggy jeans as they will not give their figure a great look.  They should also not wear jeans that have are slim cut from below as they will look like small leggings.  Best jeans for short women with large hips can be found at Marc, Citizens of Humanity and Tahari.  


Women with average hips should shop at Banana Republic, CK, Seven and Gap. They have the best jeans for short women with average or narrow hips. A tip for these women would to never cuff their jeans as it would make them look really short.  


Women with belly should always buy stretch styled jeans from Ann Taylor, Seven Jag and Paris Blue.